A Contribution to The Biology of North American Vespine by Carl D. Duncan

By Carl D. Duncan

Pp. 272, fifty four plates. Early black textile, lg eightvo. Stanford collage courses, organic Sciences, quantity eight, number one. complete factor of magazine is out there - certain with "Neotropical Lizards within the Collections of the common background Museum of Stanford University", fifty two pages.

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A lizard’s diet varies, depending upon the species. Some have long tongues with sticky tips and specialize in insects. Many are carnivores that eat small mammals and birds. The water they need is usually obtained from the food they eat. Turtles, for example, feed on soft plant material, small animals, or both. Reproduction Most reptiles reproduce sexually, and their young come from eggs. The eggs are leathery and tough, and the offspring are seldom coddled. Some females remain with the eggs, but most reptiles bury the eggs in a hole and abandon them.

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