A Guide to Emergency Lighting by Chris Watts

By Chris Watts

This booklet is a must-have for anyone fascinated by the layout, deploy and production of emergency lights structures to satisfy hearth defense chance checks

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The age of the occupants is important, not only with regard to the amount of light required to perceive an object clearly, but also the time needed to adapt to changes in the illuminance (visual adaptation). In general, older people need more light to follow an escape route and have longer visual adaptation times. The maximum period that should be allowed to elapse between the failure of the normal supply and the switch-on of the emergency lighting depends upon the rate at which panic may be expected to mount in a particular building.

The fact that European standards must be transposed into national standards in all member countries guarantees that a manufacturer has easier access to the market of all of these European countries if their product conforms to a European standard. British Standards Implementation of an International or European standard that is endorsed and published as a British Standard gives that standard the status of a national standard. Some standards are developed in the UK and are not adopted within Europe; in that case they only have the BS mark of national origin.

Where motor generators are used for emergency lighting, battery-powered emergency luminaires should be provided in the vicinity of the control gear to allow for start-up time. BS 5266-1:2011 In the event of a supply failure staff are likely to need to access to plant rooms in darkness. These can be dangerous locations, so battery powered emergency lighting is needed so that staff are able move safely. 5 lx may be sufficient. If, however, they may need to perform a more complicated task, or if the location has elements of dangerous equipment, the risk assessment may identify the need to use 10% of the normal illumination, as is detailed for high risk applications.

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