A Planner for Composing Services Described in DAML-S by Sheshagiri M., desJardins M., Finin T.

By Sheshagiri M., desJardins M., Finin T.

An internet provider is a web-accessible piece of software program or undefined. lately, has been displaying expanding curiosity in net companies as a expertise for development dispensed internet purposes. even though, internet providers as a know-how lacks in numerous departments. Representations for describing internet prone were greatly investigated through and academia. provider composition-that is, computerized tools for developing a series of internet prone to accomplish a wanted end result- has been rather missed. We found in this paper, a planner that composes atomic/basic prone defined in DAML-S (Ankolenkar et al. 2002) right into a composite provider. We speak about matters concerned with the layout of planners for composition. We additionally suggest a suite of guidance for describing providers that enables composition.

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