Advances in Cerebral Angiography: Anatomy · Stereotaxy · by Ch. Raybaud, P. Michotey, W. Bank, Ph. Farnarier (auth.),

By Ch. Raybaud, P. Michotey, W. Bank, Ph. Farnarier (auth.), Prof. Dr. G. Salamon (eds.)

A few years in the past, on the Symposium of Neuroradiology in Rome, ZIEDSES DES PLANTES made a decisive contribution to cerebral angiography with photographic subtraction. From this time on, technical advances, anatomical findings, healing checks reminiscent of embolization, improvement of stereo­ taxy, and automatic axial tomography have opened a large box for cerebral angiography. those vital findings grew to become the topic of a systematic assembly. the standard of the shows and the result of each one re­ port made this a best symposium. i'm very thankful to all those that contributed to make it a hit. G. SALAMON Marseille, October tenth 1975 v This assembly was once held lower than the suggestions and with the monetary support of INSERM (Paris) . We additionally thank the Ministry of international Affairs college of medication in Marseille management of the medical institution in Marseille CGR, Kodak, Guerbet, Philips and Siemens for his or her fabric help. Contents half I Anatomy Angiographic-Anatomic learn of the Vascular Territories of the Cerebral Convolutions Ch. RAYBAUD, P. MICHOTEY, W. financial institution, and Ph. FARNARIER •••••. 2 Anatomic and Radiographic research of the Fissures and Sulci of the mind G. SALAMON, Ch. RAYBAUD, P. MICHOTEY, and Ph. FARNARIER . . . 10 The Cerebral Cortical Arteries B. A. RING . . . • . . . • • • • . • • . . • . . . • . . • . • • • • . . . • . . . . • . . • . • . . • . . . 25 The Anatomy of the Perforating Arteries of the Basal Ganglia H. A. KAPLAN •. . . . . . •. ••. . ••••. •. . •••. •••. . •. . . . . . ••••. . . . . .

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Ant. frontoorbital artery frontopolar artery anterior internal frontal artery middle internal frontal artery posterior internal frontal artery paracentral artery superior internal parietal artery posterior callosal artery anterior cerebral artery -The calcarine fissure The calcarine artery is one of the principal divisions of the main trunk of the posterior artery. It rapidly enters the calcarine fissure and continues within it to the occipital pole. The calcarine artery characteristically divides into at least two branches which lie at different depths within the fissure.

Lateral to the calcarine fissure, the temporal branch runs in or parallel to the adjoining sulcus, and this vessel and the calcarine branch outline the lingual gyrus between them. Although we have this neatly outlined on a template, it is of limited use since the gyrus is never seen en face, but due to the concavity of the under surface of the temporal lobe lies obliquely in both inferior superior and medial lateral planes. The terminal branch of the posterior cerebral runs in the depths of the parieto-occipital fissure.

Les grands courants arteriels du cerveau. Recherches anatomiques et deductions sur la pathogenie et la topographie des hemorragies cerebrales. Presse Medicale, tome 68, n°5, 137-140 (27 Janvier 1960). , ROULLEAU J. et AMARAL-GOMES F. Les arteres du thalamus. Verhandlungen des 1. Europaischen Anat. : Vascularisation et circulation cerebrales. 1 vol. Masson, Paris 1961. . A. H. The brain vascular system. Elsew1er Publ1shing Company (1966) PERCHERON s. , The anatornv of the arterial supply of the human thalamus and its use for the interpretation of the thalamic vascular pathology.

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