Airfoil Design and Data by Prof. Dr. Richard Eppler (auth.)

By Prof. Dr. Richard Eppler (auth.)

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The on the upper surface and at x on the lower surface. :. 424 All other design features are realized very well. 1) and x(cp) should be mentioned. 5l. This can be checked easily by an example with l! = -1. 1) were valid exactly. Fig. 14 shows airfoil 995. which has the same input lines as 992. except l! 0 instead of l! 4. 36 31. 89X. 1137. 5 oc. 36° v oc. 8~ Oi~i o Fig. 5 1 Airfoil 994 shape and velocity distributions =0° is not decreases with x. 5 Fig. 4 was selected for airfoil 990. This can always be corrected by changing tl and 11.

For the mathematical description of the two-dimensional boundary layer flow, a (cambered) x-axis is introduced along the surface of the contour, and a y-axis normal to it. The incompressible boundary layer flow is then governed by the remaining momentum balance in the x-direction and the mass balance (continuity) equation 51 UdU + VdU __ dp + d. y) are the components of the velocity vector. p is the pressure and t is the shear stress. which is. 3) Re dy' The reference units. 1. are Vco. Land p; for the Reynolds number Re.

For the upper surface (j,;; i L) are replaced by ITMOD OI. j* + 1101.. ~ + 1101.. ~ + 1101. ~ - 1101.. ITMOD 4 K is replaced by K + 11K. ITMOD 5 K ITMOD 6 K is replaced by K + 11K and K is replaced by K + 11K. ITMOD 7 IX. IS replaced by IX. * + 111X. 'L 'L ITMOD 8 ITMOD 9 is replaced by K + 11K. * is replaced by IX. IX. In all situations, I1IX or 11K is determined such that KH + KH = Ks = KR, which is specified by F12 . During the iteration, I1IX is rounded off to two figures and 11K to three figures to the right of the decimal point.

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