An Introduction to Quantum Physics. The M.I.T. Introductory by A.P. French

By A.P. French

An advent to Quantum Physics. The M.I.T. Introductory Physics sequence

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7 1 A. 5 keV eV Theoretically, by Eq. 1 keV, which checks pretty well. We can recognize that the way in which these x-ray spectra are generated is very similar to the stimulation of optical emission lines following electron bombardment in the Franck- Hertz experiment. The only basic difference is that in the Franck-Hertz experiment the radiation comes from electrons 38 Simple models of the atom 1000 500 Fig. 1-18 Log-log plot showing the frequency dependence of x-ray absorption in lead and 100 E U 50 in iron.

1-6 Balmer series. (a) A Balmer spectrum in which the first dozen lines can he distinguished. The position of the Balmer limit is marked. (h) Balmer spectrum employing a higher dispersion, in which individual lines can be seen up to about n = 20. (Spectra reproduced from G. Herzherg, Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure, Dover, A O O O Approximate range of -visible wavelengthsoQ L() Cr) O N. r0 rn ) v cc v I I H,, H,u I I H;, H, 00 co co co CO CO) I I I H,; H 7 H 'X (a) cc co CO I Publications, In(Continuum New York, 1944.

11,'! 11111 is 1)I- 11 t1l't'lc'llt,'t115 tilt t,'il t'll ill -1 A ttt'! (, l/c'I t: , /V,,t4 (I)i Partial 1 fl/Ill tlitl >,'I bill /ol /lit'! /c' at the right. BN 4 86 4 66 50 telitative/i identif l fn,i' the terms 11'it/i energy /eve/1, the energy 60 needed to excite %/)(,( tral line's till oh (1 giveil t('i'itl ( till he ( al( plated from the dif ere lice hetit cell the bottom tet ill value and the particular higherterill 1 tape. iii,' 70 80 0 90 (b) appeal (it the left of Figure 1-12(b) and parenthetl('alls, (IS 1l'ltages, in Figure 1-12_(a).

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