Android Magazine [UK], Issue 57 (2015)

No matter if you’re a newbie eager to wake up to hurry or a sophisticated person trying to find advice, tips and hacks Android journal is the final word advisor to state of the art cellular and capsule know-how

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This means that adding and skipping videos will affect everyone in the video call. Hold the ‘Push to talk’ button to talk to friends. To find more Hangouts apps, hover over the ‘…’ icon on the left and click Add apps. 1 and up Use X-CPU Widgets to check your essential power statistics X-CPU Widgets is an app that adds widgets to your homescreen in order to display your device’s current CPU, RAM, battery and temperature statistics. This is a useful addition to have on your homescreen as sometimes your phone slows down and you’re not entirely sure what has caused it.

Accept the terms and policies and then tap Next to get to the main screen. a timer 6 IfSet you want to set a timer, tap the clock that appears near your location and then set how long you’d like to display your location. To turn off the service, tap the down arrow button on the main screen and then tap on the toggle button. 0 and up Locate top Wi-Fi hotspot areas Use WifiMapper and find local places to hook up your handset If you have limited data allowance, you are probably permanently on the lookout for free Wi-Fi hotspots.

3. Control of your lost device When configuring CyanogenMod, you will be prompted to create a Cyanogen account. This can be used for the remote find and wipe services so that if you lose your device, you still have control. 4. More applications CyanogenMod includes a number of applications that aren’t part of the base Android OS, such as a file manager, a DSP Manager (enabling you to tune the sound with a built-in graphic equaliser) and a messaging app with secure features. 5. Enthusiast options A number of enthusiast options are included in CyanogenMod because, after all, it’s built by enthusiasts!

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