Animal Liberation: The Definitive Classic of the Animal by Peter Singer

By Peter Singer

The groundbreaking ebook that challenged the ethics of our therapy of animals and jump-started the animal rights movement—with a brand new preface by means of the writer

First released in 1975, Animal Liberation created a sensation upon its unlock, shaking the world's philosophical and animal-protection circles to their cores. Now, 40 years later, Peter Singer's landmark paintings nonetheless looms huge as a foundational and canonical textual content of animal advocacy. Arguing that every one beings able to affliction deserve equivalent attention, Singer contends that the one justifiable therapy of animals is that which maximizes strong and minimizes anguish. In interpreting the cruelty of manufacturing unit farming and the exploitation, either advertisement and medical, of laboratory animals, he identifies a type of "ethical blindness" and demands political action.

an ethical take-heed call from the most influential and arguable ethicists of our time, Animal Liberation tackles an emotionally charged social factor with a compelling rational argument in a rousing and riveting read.

This e-book gains an illustrated biography of Peter Singer, together with infrequent images from the author's own assortment.

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