Antipatterns : Managing Software Organizations and People by Neill, Colin J.; Laplante, Philip A.; DeFranco, Joanna F.

By Neill, Colin J.; Laplante, Philip A.; DeFranco, Joanna F.

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For example, if the team needs to write a very detailed requirements document, and you are a more innovative individual, maybe you want to take the lead in the beginning, add your contribution during the “big picture” phase, but take a step back (still contribute but do not take over), and let a more adaptive person lead the effort when intricate details are documented. Having just discussed Myers–Briggs, it is interesting to note that studies show that one’s style on the more adaptive end of the continuum is correlated with Human Patterns and Antipatterns ◾ 21 the SJ Myers–Briggs types and a more innovative style is correlated with the NP Myers–Briggs types (Kirton 2006).

Sue: Yes, but first I have to… Tom (raising his voice louder): JUST FIX THE PROBLEM… Sue: I can’t until… Tom (screaming now): JUST GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE AND GET MY (BLEEPING) COMPUTER RUNNING… (… and so on…) Exploders are difficult to deal with because they do not want to listen. The way to handle exploders is as follows. First, do not let them interrupt you. Politely use the same strategy for interruption you used with the Sherman Tank. Second, try Human Patterns and Antipatterns ◾ 29 to help them understand what is making them unhappy.

Those who prefer to make decisions objectively on the basis of logic are said to be thinking types. If their decision-making is more based on personal values, they are said to be feeling types. Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs–Myers* added a fourth dimension to this system (see Myers–Briggs Foundation Web site 2011), that is, whether an individual is ◾◾ Judging versus perceiving People who organize their life in a structured way and make their decisions knowing where they stand are said to be judging.

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