Archive for the Psychology of Religion - Archiv für by Jacob A. Belzen, Leslie J. Francis, Ralph W. Hood

By Jacob A. Belzen, Leslie J. Francis, Ralph W. Hood

The Archive for the Psychology of Religion/Archiv f?r Religionspsychologie is the oldest medium within the psychology of faith. it's the professional organ of the Internationale Gesellschaft f?r Religionspsychologie (International organization for the Psychology of faith [IAPR]) based in 1914. Following a reorganization of the IAPR in 2001, the Archiv is now released as a global, peer-reviewed journal.The present editorship is shared by way of Jacob A. Belzen, Leslie J. Francis and Ralph W. Hood, Jr. The Archive for the Psychology of Religion/Archiv f?r Religionspsychologie is open to all clinical methodologies, quantitative and qualitative in addition to to validated and cutting edge conceptual and theoretical views within the psychology of faith.

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A belief in the immortality (in some form or another) of the dead occurs in all cultures as does the worship (again, in some form or other) of ancestors (Steadman, Palmer, & Tilley, 1996). Deceased ancestors are typically seen to have rather typical kin concerns, such as “continuance of the line” and the expectation that living relatives will seek vengeance on their behalf if they had been wrongly killed. 30 lee a. ” This is where kinship psychology—in particular, parental investment—and attachment theory converge: For God to serve effectively as an attachment figure, we must assume that God is deeply interested in us and our welfare.

It is all cheesecake, but different components can be played up or toned down to suit the particular preferences and values of the consumer. I think religion works in much the same way: Some religions such as Christianity—and particularly certain variants, such as evangelical and charismatic traditions—emphasize the image of deities as attachment figures; other religions emphasize other themes. Likewise, within any given religious tradition, individual-difference variability in religious beliefs and values owes something in part to the ability of people to pick and choose those aspects of the belief system that strike them as most plausible, valuable, or important in light of their own personal experience.

In particular, adaptations are identified by evidence of such characteristics as complexity, economy, efficiency, reliability, precision, and functionality. A useful approach is to examine a purported adaptation from the perspective of an engineer, and ask whether the mechanism is well designed, in light of constraints imposed by other aspects of the organism’s design. Frankly, I find it difficult to imagine how religious belief or experience could be considered an economical, efficient solution to any particular adaptive problem.

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