Aristotle's Metaphysics Lambda: Annotated Critical Edition by Stefan Alexandru

By Stefan Alexandru

During this annotated severe variation of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Lambda Stefan Alexandru explores and makes use of for the 1st time a number of formerly ignored textual resources, written in Greek, Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew. The 12th booklet of the Metaphysics, initially an autonomous treatise, is essential for the knowledge of Aristotle’s philosophy, basically as the doctrine of the Unmoved Mover is nowhere else set forth in larger detail.
Not purely the entire forty-two previously identified Greek codices were collated, but in addition commentaries and translations. furthermore, a hitherto undiscovered, self sustaining manuscript, representing a tenuous and especially beneficial department of the direct culture, is minutely investigated. The rfile in query, preserved within the Vatican, is an autograph of the Byzantine humanist and Ecumenical Patriarch Gennadios II Scholarios.

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1070a19 om. , Ha Pb 1070a23 ὑγίεια E J : ὑγεία Eb ante corr. , Ha Pb T 1070a29 ὑγιείας E J : ὑγείας Eb ante corr. , Ha Pb 1073a19 οἱ λέγοντες ἰδέας E : om. Eb Ha Pb 1075b33 ἄρα alt. E J : om. ἄρα alt. : 1070b7 οἷον Eb : om. : ἀορίστου Ha initio, Pb 1073a31 τὰς Eb : om. Ha Pb 1074a30 τι Eb : om. τι Ha Pb 1075b21 ἐπιστήµη Eb Es : ἐπιστήµη µὴ Ha initio, Pb 1071b21 ταύτας δεῖ τὰς οὐσίας εἶναι ἄνευ ὕλης Eb : τάσδε τὰς οὐσίας ἄνευ εἶναι δεῖ ὕλης Ha Pb This shows that the relationships within the group Eb Ha Pb can be represented stemmatically as follows: 4 Cf.

Tudes sur la Métaphysique d’ Aristote: Actes du VI e Symposium Aristotelicum, Paris 1979, 31– 33. The change of hand has been pointed out already by Wilhelm von Christ; cf. W. v. Christ, ‘Kritische Beiträge zur Metaphysik des Aristoteles’, Sitz. d. k. bayer. Akad. d. philol. u. histor. Cl. 1885, Munich 1886, 408. 19 Cf. R. Walzer, ‘On the Arabic Versions of Books Α, α and Λ of Aristotle’s Metaphysics’, Harv. Stud. in Class. Philol. 63, 1958, 221, 223. See further Averroes, Tafsir ma ba #d at-Tabiat, ed.

2 Inasmuch as the Aristoteles-Archiv in Berlin has undertaken to produce a detailed codicological description of all the extant Greek Aristotelian MSS (cf. P. Moraux, D. Harlfinger, D. Reinsch, J. Wiesner, Aristoteles Graecus: Die griechischen Manuskripte des Aristoteles I, Berlin 1976, V–VI) our focus will be upon stemmatic rather than upon codicological aspects. 3 See infra, pp. 40–69. 24 the affiliations of the hitherto known codices Among the MSS listed above the following ones are independent:4 Ab E Eb Es Ha Ib J Jb Lc Pb and V d.

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