Asiaten! Ein Liebesroman aus zwei Welten by Artur Hermann Landsberger

By Artur Hermann Landsberger

In einem Gebiet Japans, in das Anfang des vergangenen Jahrhunderts kein Ausländer je seinen Fuß gesetzt hatte, wuchs Hana Tatsumi auf. Als Waise struggle sie ihrem Onkel übergeben worden, der sich sehr um sie bemühte. So übergab er sie weiter an Omasan Mori, die ihre eine bessere Ausbildung garantieren konnte, als die kleine Hana sie in jeder höheren Töchterschule hätte genießen können. Hana entwickelte sich in den folgenden Jahren ganz ausgezeichnet und wird das hübscheste Mädchen des Ortes. was once heißt des Ortes? Selbst die Großstädte des Landes würde sie bezaubern, und so überzeugt Omasan Mori den Onkel, Hana in Tokio oder Osaka zu einer Geisha zu machen, einer Geisha für die gehobenen Kreise. Dort angekommen, sprengt Hana alle Erwartungen. Sie erfüllt die Sehnsüchte bekannter Persönlichkeiten, darunter des Amerikaner John Adamson und des Prinzen aus dem Kaiserhaus. Aber keinen second vergisst sie ihren Freund aus Kinderzeiten, Taizo Hodsumi, der sich in ihrem Heimatort zu einem Künstler des Töpfereihandwerks entwickelt. Gibt es für beide jemals ein Wiedersehen?

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Well then, had my boyhood been but a note in the eulogy for Mao Zedong? ”15 On many other later occasions, Duo Duo has repeatedly affirmed that reading Baudelaire (in Chinese, particularly the translation by Chen Jingrong, a female Chinese poet from the 1940s) inspired him to start writing a totally new style of poetry: As a secondary school student, he [Duo Duo] was not interested in poetry at all. 17 Although this line, “The windows open like eyes,” has never appeared in any of Duo Duo’s finished early poems, it nonetheless serves as an almost visionary note of Duo Duo’s appearance as a seer-poet in the mode of Rimbaudian or Baudelairean modernism.

If Lee’s equation of Duo Duo to a seer-poet is to be allowed, then the same ambiguity and agony surrounding Lu Xun’s Madman would have to haunt Duo Duo as well. Duo Duo was born in Beijing in 1951 to an intellectual family. When the Cultural Revolution broke out in the summer of 1966, he was fifteen years old, a junior high student in Beijing. That summer, like most of his contemporaries, he aspired to join the Red Guards. He experienced several “revolutionary exchanges” and traveled south to different parts of China.

Thus supremation is replaced by marginalization and progress by decadence; the subject himself is hit by further shocks of unfamiliar experiences. In another short poem, “Blessings” (1973),26 Duo Duo imagines a farewell to the nation itself by directly personifying China as an orphan of history vis-à-vis the West in a dramatic scene of alienation, dislocation, and exile: When society had difficulty giving birth That thin, black widow once tied magic charms on a bamboo rod 30 ● Contemporary Chinese Literature And waved them at the rising moon A blood-soaked streamer emitted an endless stench Made vicious mutts everywhere bark the whole night long From that superstitious moment on The motherland was led away by another father Wandering in the parks of London and the streets of Michigan Staring with orphan’s eyes at hurried steps that come and go And again and again stuttering out old hopes and humiliations Once again, here, birth and the initiation of the subject into history has from the very beginning been paired simultaneously with alienation from that very history.

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