Automorphic Forms: Research in Number Theory from Oman by Bernhard Heim, Mehiddin Al-Baali, Tomoyoshi Ibukiyama, Visit

By Bernhard Heim, Mehiddin Al-Baali, Tomoyoshi Ibukiyama, Visit Amazon's Florian Rupp Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Florian Rupp,

This edited quantity provides a set of conscientiously refereed articles protecting the newest advances in Automorphic types and quantity idea, that have been essentially constructed from shows given on the 2012 “International convention on Automorphic kinds and quantity Theory,” held in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. the current quantity contains unique study in addition to a few surveys and descriptions of analysis altogether supplying a latest photograph at the newest actions within the box and masking the subjects of:

  • Borcherds products
  • Congruences and Codes
  • Jacobi forms
  • Siegel and Hermitian modular forms
  • Special values of L-series

Recently, the Sultanate of Oman turned a member of the overseas Mathematical Society. In view of this improvement, the convention supplied the platform for medical trade and collaboration among scientists of other international locations from around the globe. particularly, a chance was once validated for a detailed trade among scientists and scholars of Germany, Oman, and Japan. The convention used to be hosted via the Sultan Qaboos college and the German collage of expertise in Oman.

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N is the exact level of L and L does not arise from a lattice of lower level by scaling. We use the notion of maximality of lattices and of dual lattice (locally and globally) as in [19]. V; p Q/ . V ˝ Qp ; Q ˝ Qp / as in [21, p. 80]. This normalization is very convenient for our purposes; in particular we will use the following lemma from [9]. Lemma. V; Q/. V / D 1. 30 S. Böcherer (ii) V carries (even) lattices of level N . 1/ (iii) If Lp D Lp ? Lp denotes the Jordan splitting of L at the prime p, then Lp is an orthogonal sum of hyperbolic planes.

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