Buildings, Bruhat decompositions, unramied principal series by Garrett P.

By Garrett P.

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Draughtsmen, Botanists and Nature: The Construction of Eighteenth-Century Botanical Illustrations

This publication is the 1st in-depth learn of eighteenth-century botanical illustrations. Its findings provide a very new perception into the operating practices of the botanists and clinical draughtsmen of this era. the writer describes the several creation phases of those illustrations. For the 1st time, the writer provides a resounding description of ways botanical illustrations built, ascertaining the factors that drove this method.

A treatise on the strength of materials : with rules for application in architecture, the construction of suspension bridges, railways, etc., and an appendix

This finished paintings from the nineteenth century covers the energy of fabrics in regards to development of constructions, bridges and railways, and so on. and comprises an appendix at the strength of locomotive engines and the impact of susceptible planes and gradients. summary: This finished paintings from the nineteenth century covers the energy of fabrics with reference to building of structures, bridges and railways, and so on.

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