Categorical Topology by H. Herrlich, G. Preuß

By H. Herrlich, G. Preuß

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This quantity serves as an extension of excessive school-level reports of geometry and algebra, and proceeds to extra complicated issues with an axiomatic technique. contains an introductory bankruptcy on projective geometry, then explores the kinfolk among the elemental theorems; higher-dimensional house; conics; coordinate structures and linear changes; quadric surfaces; and the Jordan canonical shape.

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97 (1989), 485-522. W. HESSELINK, Desingularization of varieties of null forms. Invent. Math. 55 (1979), 141-163. Y. Hu, The geometry and topology of quotient varieties of torus actions, Duke Math. Journal 68 (1992), 151-183. Y. Hu, (W, R) matroids and thin Schubert-type cells attached to algebraic torus actions, Proc. of Amer. Math. Soc. 123 No. 9 (1995), 2607-2617. [Ke] [KN] [Kil] G. KEMPF, Instability in invariant theory, Ann. of Math. 108 (1978), 299-316. G. KEMPF and L. NESS, The length of vectors in representation spaces, in « Algebraic geometry, Copenhagen 1978 », Lecture Notes in Math.

A p } without specifying the sub-index (cf. 3). The convention also extends to X and X~\ and so on. 4. Proposition. 1 and the previous assumption. , (^ }, let p^ : Y^ -> Z^, p_ : Y^ -> 7^ be the two natural projections. The subgroup ofG that preserves the fiber of p^ over z e 7^ is G^-U(X) (resp. G,-U(X~ 1 )). Proof. — We shall consider only the map p^.. The other map is treated similarly. First, one checks easily that G^U(X) preserves the fiber p^{ z). 3 (i) any element of G which preserves the fiber must belong to P(X).

To prove (ii), it suffices to consider any particular stratum S^. Let X be the corresponding one-parameter subgroup and p_ : Y™ -> Z^, p^ : Y^ — Z^ be the two natural projections. Note that for any point z e Z^{== Z^), G°, = X(C'). Let us denote the fiber p^^z) by V^. ), G^ acts on V^ (resp. on V~") linearly with positive (resp. negative) weights. We need only to consider V^; the other set can be treated similarly. Now consider any non-stable closed orbit G ' ^ C X ^ F ) where z eZ^ for some a.

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