Chiropractic Text Book by R. W. Stephenson

By R. W. Stephenson

Excerpt from the approval letter to the writer from the developer of chiropractic, B. J. Palmer: "..Of all of the books written and compiled on Chiropractic Philosopy, this is often by way of some distance the simplest, no longer excepting my very own. the only nice, grand and wonderful factor you could have performed has been to bring together the various rules that are in my writings, right into a systematic, geared up demeanour, construction them up from easy to the better types, in order that any layman susceptible may examine and discover what CHIROPRACTIC IS, isn't really; WHAT IT DOES AND doesn't; HOW AND WHY IT DOES WHAT IT DOES. you've truly, conscientiously and always compiled the various ideas of Chiropractic right into a readable, comprehensible e-book, basic enuf for the layman, deep enuf for the savant..."

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INNATE BRAIN. (See Universal Diagram, Art. 38) That part of the brain used by Innate, as an organ, in which to assemble mental impulses. It is supplied with mental impulses directly from Innate Intelligence, whose headquarters it is. It is a vital spot and cannot be dis-eased. (317, V) Its existence is actual, but its location is theoretical. There is no transmission of mental impulses from Innate Intelligence to Innate brain. There is no necessity, Innate being right here. For this reason it always has 100% mental impulses.

Being always right is always good. Being infinitely good is God. ) Being infinite, no one can define it, actually; one can get only a finite idea of it from the finite amount of manifestations we are able to perceive. This intelligence is not limited, it is we who are limited in perception. (Prin. ) It endows “living things” with localized Power (Innate Intelligence) as a higher manifestation of its forces. Art. 50. THE SECOND STEP OF THE NORMAL COMPLETE CYCLE. ) INNATE INTELLIGENCE. ” A finite portion of Universal Intelligence in a finite portion of matter, whose mission it is to keep the matter in active organization.

7. What is Innate Body? 8. What is Educated Body? 9. In what “body” are the material cells of the Educated Body ? 10. What does the term universal mean? 11. What do the terms finite and infinite mean? 12. Explain Universal Intelligence, the first step of the cycle. 13. What is Innate Intelligence ? 14. What does organize mean? Art. 51. ALL LIVING THINGS HAVE INNATES. Whenever molecules and atoms have been assembled into tissues, the tissues are called organic matter; and while actively organic, have a localized intelligence, called Innate Intelligence.

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