Combustion Chambers for Jet Propulsion Engines by V. S. and L. S. Skubachevskii Zuyev

By V. S. and L. S. Skubachevskii Zuyev

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QremI FIG. 10. Variation with temperature of the quantity of heat lost from systems with different amounts of surface cooling. Moreover, the heat removal curve can be displaced with constant slope to left or right, depending upon the value of T0 (Fig. 11). 40 COMBUSTION CHAMBERS FOB, JET PROPULSION ENGINES Supply of heat to the reacting substances is brought about because of chemical reaction. FIG. 11. Effect of magnitude of initial temperature T0 on the position of the heat removal curve. If q is the heat released by the combustion of one molecule, then #supp =qw = q const, fr e~ EIRT n^ .

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