Concepts in Anatomy by Herbert H. Srebnik Ph.D. (auth.)

By Herbert H. Srebnik Ph.D. (auth.)

Anatomy, to make sure, is the fundamental starting place of scientific perform, however it is way greater than that. at the start, anatomy is a organic technology. there's order and common sense to the association of the human physique and the association of its elements. And, as all sciences, anatomy bargains problem and discovery.

Concepts in Anatomy isn't really a textbook, yet extra of a short guide that's selective instead of encyclopedic in scope, perception instead of specific in its method. It stresses common ideas, so one can reduce rote studying, and it offers order and course to the research of gross anatomy. Anatomy is inherently complex and complicated; this quantity is helping you are making feel of it in a manner that still goals to motivate its research. Richly illustrated with unique drawings, Concepts in Anatomy is a worthy source for a person at present learning or educating the topic, or as a reference for complicated researchers.

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7'-"'::::" '1 " •. • . '1' . . ~ . '" . 3· ' .. ···2 . ·'~" .. 3-·~ . ". ~. 3: Somite embryo (cross-section and forward projection) CONCEPTS IN ANATOMY 26 \ I \ I I I I \ ~ " .... -' I 1. Neural groove 2. Neural fold 3. Neural crest cells : @. Ii :1: - i::: .. " . , I ..... • ~ ~ : I ~ \::. ~ ~,:®. '~ ~:. ~~·. ' . ". b. ' ~ ~ ~ I> I /I I c. Sa-d: Neural tube formation (cross-sections) Chapter 5 MUSCULOSKELETAL ANATOMY Transverse segmentation of the paraxial mesodenn late in the third week of human development imposes a pattern of periodicity, or metamerism, on the embryo.

IX! the glossopharyngeal nerve. Parasympathetic fibers composing the lesser petrosal nerve, secretomotor to the parotid salivary gland, travel part way with N. IX (see chapter 14). The sensory branches of N. IX include carotid sinus nerves from receptors monitoring blood pressure and fibers from the mucous membrane of the posterior one-third of the tongue and upper pharynx transmitting both taste and general sensations. The cell bodies of sensory fibers reside in the inferior (petrosal) ganglion.

Neural Crest Tissue Neural crest tissue refers to neurectodermal nests of pluripotent cells located early on in the wings of the neural folds. As the neural tube detaches from surface ectoderm, so do neural crest cells. They arrange themselves bilaterally and segmentally in the plane of the developing somites, dorsolaterally to the neural tube. , they become nerve cells that transmit signals to the CNS. Neural crest tissue, therefore, plays a major role in fashioning the peripheral nervous system (PNS).

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