Cracking Windows Phone, BlackBerry Native Devel. by M. Baxter-Reynolds

By M. Baxter-Reynolds

Youve built a killer app for one cellular device—now it’s time to maximise your highbrow funding and enhance for the entire spectrum of cellular systems and units. With Cracking home windows telephone and BlackBerry local improvement, you’ll the best way to speedy retool your software among the home windows mobilephone 7, home windows cellular, and BlackBerry systems and increase the curiosity and viewers of your app.

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Die neue Auflage des Bestsellers berücksichtigt auch die neuesten undefined- und Netzwerktechnologien. Die Grundidee des Buches blieb von den Erweiterungen unberührt: Es geht um ein solides für die Praxis relevantes Grundwissen, wie guy es in Ausbildung und Beruf benötigt. used to be sonst über viele Bücher verteilt gesucht werden muss, steht hier alles in einem: Hardware-Technik, Betriebssystemwissen und Netzwerk-Praxis.

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We'll get notified at some point... BeginGetResponse(new AsyncCallback(HandleDownloadResult), new object[] { request, success, failure }); } } } The way that structured exception handling is done in these asynchronous framework methods is that if an exception occurs in the processing on the other thread, the exception is caught and rethrown at the point when the asynchronous call is “unpacked” when the “end” method is called. Thus we need to wrap the “end” method in a try…catch block and call out to our callback if necessary.

Xaml from the solution, right-click the solution, and select Add – New Item. You will be met with a dialog presenting a lot of options—in the list on the right, select Silverlight for Windows Phones and then select Windows Phone Portrait Page from the resulting list. xaml. Figure 5-2 illustrates. 50 CHAPTER 5  WINDOWS PHONE 7: BUILDING THE LOGON FORM AND CONSUMING REST SERVICES Figure 5-2. Adding a page to the project Building the actual logon form is an issue of dragging controls onto the design surface from the toolbox.

Approach What I wanted to demonstrate with this book is that there are common things that all of the applications have to be able to do regardless of vendor. Moreover, the application has to assume that the master version of the data is held in the cloud and that each device holds a locally cached copy of the server-side master set. (But, with regards to this last point, a number of device independent software vendors (ISVs) just don’t get this, particularly on iOS, and they think the device holds the master data.

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